Circolombia Acelere show in Chicago

Dec 3, 2018

We were invited to the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre in Chicago in October 2018. It was a real pleasure to work there, the staff and facilities were excellent.

Julia Sanchez cloudswing for Circolombia in Chicago, lighting by James Loudon

We were in residence from October 20th until November 5th and every day was a real treat. Chicago is a brilliant city and we had a bit of time to explore.

All the artists were in great shape and spirits and the shows very well received.

Circolombia teeterboard act  for Circolombia in Chicago, lighting by James Loudon

Acelere teeterboard act for Circolombia in Chicago, lighting by James Loudon

Tres cuerdas act  for Circolombia Acelere show in Chicago, lighting by James Loudon

Sandra and Lianna from Circolombia at 18th Street Station

Sandra and Lianna at 18th Street Station

Pirates of the Carabina at London Roundhouse

Apr 16, 2018

It was a real thrill to put on a show here. Having been as a punter a couple of times, including back when it was a real scrotty grungy dive - it was excellent to work in the amazing refurbished space. All the staff were lovely and the lighting rig full of goodness.

Pirates of the Carabina RUHM

Jan 26, 2018

West Country circus company PoC, famous for their show Flown put together a new show called Relentless. Unstoppable. Human. Machine.

I worked with them in Pontio Theatre, Bangor to help bring it to life. It is a masterpiece of engineering with many moving parts and fabulous performences by the artists.

We will be taking it to The Roundhouse in London in April 2018

Circolombia on tour

Aug 15, 2017

Pontio Theatre, Bangor - Acelere

Cirque Nouveau Festival, Wolfsburg - Urban and Acelere

Tel Aviv Opera House - Acelere

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Acelere

Glastonbury Festival 2017

Jul 17, 2017

This year was roasting hot and a beast to work in but we had great performances from:

Alfa Marks in black

Alfa Marks in white

Yvette Dusol and Jade Tinkler

Rhiannon and Dan Cavewalker

Matt and Imo